Marking Period #4

Due Date: 6/1/12

Over the coarse of this last making period, my goal and only major project was to complete an entire table set for four. I am so far beyond proud of myself. After being unable to throw for the duration of the third marking period, once able to throw again I kicked it into gear continuing to work through my lunches on most days and staying after school most days, especially mondays. I was able to accomplish my goal of the table set which I have been dreaming of doing since starting ceramics. There were obviously some challenges along the way including things such as having to make around 6 or 7 items per set of four in order to get the perfect four of each thing. It was also extremely time consuming especially because of the hand painted surface design. I would not have done anything any other way during this marking period, and I have no regrets in my project or how I completed them. Reflecting back on the year as a whole, I am proud of my accomplishments in acheiving the goals I had set for myself along the way. I acheived all of this by walking into the studio with a set plan in mind almost everyday and worked diligently until I was successful in what I was trying to make.

Marking Period #3

Due Date: 3/23/12

Over the coarse of almost the entire marking period, over two months, I have suffered with second degree burns on my hand. The recovery has been very long, seeming like forever. I will finally be able to gradually begin my work in clay again this coming monday the 26th and I can’t begin to explain how excited I am. I have had to deal with this major set back to the creation of my portfolio. I had glazed a few already fired pieces will out with my injury while that was the only thing I was able to do. I also did so brief sketching out of ideas for my upcoming project(s). I am truly looking forward to getting back to ceramics, it’s been too long. I am going to be making a full table set for four. In order to make up for lost time, I will be cutting back my hours at work and spending as much time as possible in the ceramics room or even on my wheel at home to try my best to catch up and put on the best show I can come the end of May which is rapidly approaching!

Winter 2011-2012, Marking Period #2

Due Date: 1-12-12

Over the duration of the second marking period, I did not accomplish a large quantity of work, however larger sized pieces. I also achieved a huge personal goal! I threw my first lamp. I’m not 100% sure why, but I have been wanting to make a real lamp for about a year now, since Honors Ceramics. What I’ve always loved about ceramics is that it is not simply beautiful to look at, although in some cases can be functional art. The lamp base and ultimately a complete working lamp most certainly falls into this category. When I first saw a ceramic lamp, I though I just have to make one of those one day and for the past year or so I’ve been working on throwing larger and larger pieces. At the beggining of the year, I set the creation of atleast one lamp (wheel thrown) as my personal goal, and at the start of the marking period, I set out to acheive it. I began by throwing a handfull of vases, getting increasingly larger in preparation and a few weeks ago, I successfully threw my first lamp, and a week or so after that, threw a second and plan to throw a total of atleast five by the end of this year. Throwing larger pieces, specifically a lamp was my main purpose of my work this marking period, and threw numerous failures, I acheived it. Because of this and my hard work, I believe I should get an A this marking period.

Fall 2011, Marking Period #1

Due Date: 11-4-11

During the first making period in portfolio, for the first week or so, I threw a few bowls and mugs to get the rust off from only having thrown  maybe a dozen or so pieces over the summer. After getting back into the swing of things in regards to ceramics and throwing, I got down to business with my first project. Over the course of the marking period, I created a tea set, a few candle lanterns, and a few miscelaneous pieces in between including a bottle, a couple vases, a pitcher and a few other things.

Other than last week where I spent a few days soly working on assisting with making bowls for the “Empty Bowls Project”, I came into class and worked on my ceramics the whole time, preparing clay, or trying new techniques including a double walled piece multiple times, and am still working on perfecting that, or throwing on the wheel what ever my project at the time had been.

I believe I should recieve an A for the first marking period because I came to class prepared and motivated to work everyday and although I didn’t complete as much as I would of liked to, I produced numerous pieces of which I am pleased with and proud of! 🙂