Student Name: Emily Berger

Date of Submission: 4/1/12

1. Project Description: Continuing the idea of transformation, I will be creating a full table set for four, along with serving dishes, etc. In this project, the idea of transformation goes hand in hand with unification, in the sense that I am transforming what can be looked at as individual pieces which are pretty on their own, and putting them together into one big piece in the form of a set.

2. Purpose/Objective: To explore the challenge of creating a unified set. Not only does each bowl or each plate need to match within themselves, but with the other pieces on the table as well without being overly matchy.

3. Materials: Wheel, clay, loop tools, tiny paint brush, masson stained slip, glazes

4. From today, April 1st, for the remainder of the year.

Student Name: Emily Berger

Date of Submission: 1/27/12

1. Project Description: During the first semester, I had come to the ultimate conclusion that my unifying theme is the idea of transformation. Going into my next project with my new theme in mind, I am going to create at least three more lamps demonstrating various forms and surface design.

2.Purpose/Objective: The purpose of this project is to explore transformation through surface design. It is altering the form, while having it remain functional, I will be breaking away from the cylindrical form for my lamp, altering the surface, making it more visually interesting.

3. Materials: Wheel, Clay, tools including loop tools and ribs, maybe slip

Timeline: Roughly one month (Until February 28th)

Student Name: Emily Berger

Date of Submission: 12/10/11

1. Project Desciption: For my next project I am going to be making a lamp with some sort of surface design either an underglaze design of handcarving. For the past month I have been practicing improoving on my throwing skills, in regards to throwing larger pieces. The largest thing I had thrown was only about 7 lbs. of clay and I knew I wanted to make my lamp a lot larger than that. I’ve been working my way up starting with about 9 or 10 lbs. and a few practice vases later I have accomplished some using about 13 or 14 lbs. which is just about half of a bag of clay. This is about the size my lamp is going to be although I may attempt at using a pound or two more.

2. Purpose/Objective: I love functional pieces, and for some reason for the past year I’ve just really wanted to make a lamp. For one, lamps are very large, atleast to me they are and I’ve made smaller vases in the past but recently I’ve been trying to make larger more impressive looking pieces. I was thinking what is something big but not just another vase and I came to the conclussion to make a lamp which I am super excited about, like I said I’ve wanted to make one for about a year now but needed to improove my skills before I could do so.

3. Materials: Clay, wheel, lamp kit

4. Timeline: 5 weeks (until the end of this week, the 17th, because I’ve already spent 1 month preparing)

Student Name: Emily Berger

Date of Submission: 10/2/11

1. Project Description: For this project I will be creating a series of candle lanterns. Most likely dome shaped, that I will carve designs and patterns into. There will be a base for each one as well. I hope to make around 10.

2. Purpose/Objective: Since it is an enclosed form, this will be different for me, I have only made 2 or 3 closed forms before on a smaller scale which I used as salt and pepper shakers. I hope to also experiment with different carving and design techniques.

3. Materials: Clay, wheel, loop tools, knife, and any other textural devices

4. Timeline: 3 weeks (from the 3rd to the 24th October)

Student Name: Emily Berger

Date of Submission: 9/5/11

1. Project Description: For this project I would like to create a functional tea set experimenting with handcarving details. The set will include a tea pot, 2 to 4 tea cups, 2 to 4 saucers, a creamer and a sugar bowl and potentially 2 to 4 spoon rests. These will be completed within the next three weeks (by the 27th of September).

2. Purpose/Objective: To create something functional, yet experiment with a method/technique I have never tried, which is hand carving detail.

3. Materials: Clay, wheel, and various loop tools

4. Timeline: 3 weeks (from the 6th to the 27th september)