Artist Statement

To me, art has no definition, it can be many different things for each person. For me art is a time of day where I can sit down, relax and clear my thoughts, or let our some of those thoughts I have been holding in. Art has always played a huge part in my life from my first classes in elementary school up through hours spent in the ceramics room here at the high school. Art will always continue to be a crucial part of my life, as I continue on to become an art teacher and a potter.

My concentration is in ceramics. I love to work with clay, knowing that I truly made something beautiful with my own two hands is an amazing feeling. What starts as what someone else may see as just a pile of mud, I see what can become a beautiful piece of artwork. My astetic is very neat and clean as I love making pieces I could see in a real home one day. I hope for this year to furthur explore my passion in creating functional ceramic pieces, and to explore and play around with various techniques and forms keeping in mind the idea of transformation, which is what I am inspired by.